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As a clinical social worker and peer support specialist I am dedicated to providing high-quality therapy services which are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each client - Services are available in the venue of your choice, whether that be at my office or in your home- DianaLynn Canfield, MSW, MHP, SWAIC
~My goal is to act as a partner where you and I work as a team to increase your capacity for happiness, ability to manage and  decrease stress, and create the life you envision for yourself.
~ My approach includes but is not limited to: Solution-Focused, Eclectic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt, and  Motivational modes of therapy. 
~Short Term services  last from 1-6 months
~Long term services last from 6-12 months or longer as deemed by the client and by the progress made toward goals.
~Clutter counseling services are short term  and in home (after your initial appointment at my office), and goal intensive- with weekly sessions and step by step emotional support as you clear not just the physical clutter but the emotional clutter as well. 
~Graduation: Upon completion of goals a client will graduate from services; This is a time to reflect on their journey, and celebrate the successes, challenges and of closure.
~I offer an objective, non-judgmental theraputic perspective that allows us to work together on understanding the issues that are troubling you and then create practical, common sense solutions. ~Change can be incredibly rewarding  but also may feel uncomfortable and even a little scary. As we travel together on your journey I will offer you tools for building inner strength and creating support thus empowering you to try new solutions and methods that meet your needs.
~I enjoy working with clients in a respectful and collaborative way that often allows us to have some fun in the process, utilizing innovative approaches that will pique your interest and challenge you to find your best self.
Your Initial Session is Free:
I find it helpful to met with a prospective client in a (30 - 45 Minute) session that is an exploration of your needs and goodness of fit. (whether we will work well together)--
 - During the initial session we will: identify your needs, explore your therapeutic goals, and answer any questions you may have.  By identifying your goals I will be able to recommend the most effective therapeutic approach for your situation i.e., short or long term therapy and the treatment modality(s).
Fees for sessions and travel costs for off-site sessions are detailed on the Contact Us page.
Identifying Your Individual Therapy Needs:
Often it can be confusing to sort out what exactly is bothering us we know we are uncomfortable but cannot quite put a finger on the exact cause
- I am here to help you identify/name the underlying issues that are creating discomfort in your life.
  Have you been feeling under appreciated in your family or relationships?
  Maybe you want to increase your capacity to interact and communicate effectively with others?
  Perhaps you would like to embark on a new career and need some coaching on how to feel more confident in professional situations.
  Maybe you want to achieve more at work or school, or gain more control over your life.
  It could be that you have recently experienced some terrible losses - the death of a spouse, loved one, or pet,  an injury that has caused loss of physical ability. -Many times a person is not aware they are grieving but are experiencing feelings of sadness, disinterest in things they used to love to do, shutting themselves away,  not spending time with friends and family anymore~ All of these are indicators you could be experiencing grief and/or loss.
Identifying Clutter Counseling needs:
~How do I know if I am cluttered or hoarding, or just plain disorganized?
~Answer:By asking yourself the following questions:
  1. - Does the thought of throwing away any of your things cause you to become anxious?
  2. - Are you unable to use the rooms in your home for their purposes because of the clutter?
  3. - Are you unable to complete or start daily tasks due to the clutter?
  4. - Does the clutter effect your ability to entertain in your home?
  5. -Are your friends and family expressing concern over the clutter and asking you to get help?
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above you may find relief through clutter counseling and I encourage you to call or e-mail to set up an initial consultation to discuss your situation and the possible solutions I can offer.
What benefits will I receive from clutter counseling?
~ New understanding of the need to hoard and how it is effecting your life.
~New skills for maintaining a clutter free environment
~How to discard unwanted items in a eco-friendly manner
~Relaxation and peace of mind
~Organizational methods for each and every room
~Awareness of where you are in your life and what message is being sent
~ Awareness of where you want to go with your life
~Identification of underlying emotional issues the cluttering represents
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